Sierra Nevada Time-Lapse: Climbing over Highway 108

Driving California SR 108 from Bridgeport up over Sonora Pass (9624 feet) on a lovely June day. The snow was still thick and the scenery was beautiful. The song is Climbing from Meat Puppets II. Thanks to Troy Paiva and Gabriel Biderman for a fun trip.

4 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Time-Lapse: Climbing over Highway 108”

    1. I used a GoPro HD Motorsports camera mounted to the front window with a suction cup. The camera does super wide angle HD video, but will also do time-lapse by taking a 5MP photo every 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds. Due to the twisty road this video was one shot every 2 seconds. The camera has some quirks, but so far it’s been a lot of fun.

  1. Cool time lapse. I liked the music on the Boron time lapse better, but this one is great too. Ever think of mounting the camera on the front of the car (or in the grill)?

    Seems like commenting is disabled on older posts so I post here.

    Loved your Four Aces shots especially the first three you posted.

    Nice shots from Paul’s too. Loved the third one with the back of the Pontiac and the crashed old car and the truck. How did that shot with the moon through the window turn out? Don’t think you ever posted it.

    1. Hey Tor – Comments get disabled on older posts as a spam protection mechanism. I may extend the time out a little bit beyond 30 days.
      I had a good time at the Four Aces – really cool place.
      It’ll be fun to see what Paul’s looks like when we go back in a few months. I’ll have to dig up that shot with the moon through the window — I seem to remember I didn’t quite like the light painting that one.

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