Night photography: Nevada silver mine ruins

Cyanide tanks and ore processing building, Nevada silver mining ruins - by Joe Reifer

Cyanide tanks and ore processing building, Nevada silver mining ruins – by Joe Reifer

I’ve just posted a new gallery with night photography of an old silver mine in Western Nevada. These images are from two nights of shooting during the June full moon. We had cloudy skies the first night, and crystal clear conditions that favored long star trails on the second night. We were fortunate to meet the caretaker and his dogs during the daytime and get permission to photograph these amazing old structures. The conveyor system over the road to transport ore down the hill for processing was really cool. Beyond the thrill of photographing these ruins at night, hanging out with the caretaker was my favorite part of the experience. The eighth photo shows the corrugated mining building that he lives in, and old hippie bus that he arrived in over 20 years ago. The bus is called Furthest, which is a play on Ken Kesey’s bus Further. Enjoy the gallery, and let me know if you have questions about any of the exposure, light painting, or post-processing techniques.

4 thoughts on “Night photography: Nevada silver mine ruins”

  1. Great images Joe. Love the bus with the stairs up to the chairs. I really like the look of the whole area where you had the most lights in the image. Your work has always caught my eye due to the temperature of your final images. Do you have a favorite range you process with and or set in your camera? Thanks.

    1. Thanks! Color temperature usually ranges between 3500-4500K. The cloudy images were processed at 4500K to emphasize the orange light bouncing around in teh sky. The images with clear skies were 3850K which helps saturates the blue in the sky, and make the image look like night. I often push a little bit of warmth back into the red and orange tones in the foreground using the HSL panel in Lightroom.

  2. Joe, excellent set like always:) I kind like cloudy night exposures it really work well diffusing moonlight.

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