Night photography gallery: Kinkaid NV mining ruins

Long exposure of trucks and mining equipment in Kinkaid Nevada -- by Joe Reifer

Long exposure of trucks and mining equipment in Kinkaid Nevada — by Joe Reifer

Kinkaid is a small mining outpost just south of Hawthorne, Nevada on Highway 95. Sometimes spelled Kincaid or Kinkead, these roadside ruins apparently began as a railroad siding in the 1880′s. Now the site contains 2 houses, 10 vehicles, a workshop, and old mining equipment. Troy Paiva and I photographed Kinkaid on a stormy summer night in 2010. The site was clearly abandoned and we drove right in. This seven shot sunset panorama shows the storm moving in over Kinkaid. Photographing that night was difficult because the full moon was hidden by the clouds of a summer monsoon. We were able to shoot for a few hours, and eventually got rained out around midnight. Troy made this incredible lightning photo during that trip.

Last month Troy, Gabriel Biderman, and I visited Kinkaid. There is now heavy equipment being stored on site, and a trailer with a large generator running. We arrived after dark and didn’t want to bother anyone who might be living in the trailer. One of the houses had burned down since our last visit, and the Dodge van had been flipped over. Unlike our last trip, the skies were clear and the stars were bright. Compare the look of the photos taken in drastically different weather conditions in this gallery of night photographs of Kinkaid.

6 thoughts on “Night photography gallery: Kinkaid NV mining ruins”

  1. Killer compo Joe!

    I’d love to shoot that wreck on the right (front of a pickup from the looks of it) against the moon (ideally the rising moon).

    1. Just saw the other comment and realized i never saw the link to the set…my bad.

      Lots of great shots. I’d say 8 is my fav. The LPed truck with the streak and the clouds works really well. 11, 2, 9 and 10 are the best of the rest IMHO..probably roughly in that order. The location is amazing.

      1. Thanks, Tor. Always interesting to hear what images work for other photographers. There are only about 10 vehicles at this location, but they’re good ones with interesting backgrounds.

        1. I agree. The vehicles are positioned perfectly. I think I could spend 2-3 nights shooting only those ten vehicles!

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