Night photography: Alcatraz hospital operating room

Alcatraz hospital operating room -- by Joe Reifer

Alcatraz hospital operating room — by Joe Reifer

A flashlight was used to light paint the operating room inside the hospital at Alcatraz prison. All of the lighting was done with a Streamlight Stinger flashlight from a 60 degree angle to the left of the camera position.  I lit the back wall at a hard angle, skimmed the floor to throw 3/4 backlight on the table, and lit the operating lamp on the ceiling. The exposure time was 36 seconds at f/8, ISO 200 using an Olympus OM 18mm lens on a Canon 5D Mark II. The room was completely dark — the exposure time reflects how long it took to open the shutter, walk to the back left corner and do the lighting, and then return to the camera to close the shutter. Thanks to Amy Heiden and Janet Blake for allowing me a few minutes of yerba mate fueled light painting antics during our limited time at this great location.

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  1. That’s fantastic, Joe. I was already quite jealous I wasn’t one of the lucky ones picked to go on this excursion; this makes me supremely jealous. The understated lighting really accentuates the air of mystery that inherently surrounds an abandoned prison OR.

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