Holga vs Hipstamatic: Signing Nature

Holga vs Hipstamatic: Owl picnic area -- by Joe ReiferHolga vs Hipstamatic: Orchard -- by Joe ReiferHolga vs Hipstamatic: Fern Dell -- by Joe ReiferHolga vs Hipstamatic: Old Church -- by Joe ReiferHolga vs Hipstamatic: Big Meadow -- by Joe ReiferHolga vs Hipstamatic: Trail's End -- by Joe Reifer
One shot was made with a Holga toy camera loaded with Kodak 400VC film. The other shot is with an iPhone 4 and the Hipstamatic app on the Buckhorst H1 lens setting. As with previous toy camera vs toy camera app comparisons that I’ve done, the real toy camera wins. Why? The much wider dynamic range of film. The sharp center with the radical falloff to out of focus. The true randomness of the light leaks. Not waiting around for the digital file to “develop.” The longer wait before seeing the results. Talking to the friendly folks at my local lab. The only things I don’t like about film are paying for it and scanning. You can click any of the diptychs above for a bigger image.

7 thoughts on “Holga vs Hipstamatic: Signing Nature”

  1. Yeah, it’s true. Probably not long before some of these apps get better and better and eventually to par. Or maybe never. I hate dealing with films, too. I’ve got several rolls of 120 sitting here waiting to be developed. And then once that’s done I’ll probably wait over a year to scan… because I’m lazy.

    1. Even though I like the Holga more, the convenience of digital often wins out. Luckily the apps are getting better and better.

  2. Too bad the DOF of the iphone puts everything in focus. As for film, why do we hate scanning something that we love so much.

    BTW – Great comparison Joe and a good idea for an ongoing series.

  3. That whole ‘paying for it’ thing is over-rated.

    For some reason, you seemed to take more chances with the iPhone WRT composition. It’s an interesting factor to consider.

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