Paul’s Junkyard 360 degree night panorama

Paul's Junkyard 360 degree night panorama -- by Joe Reifer

Paul's Junkyard 360 degree night panorama -- by Joe Reifer

Cranes, metal cutters, taxi cabs, ripped up cop cars — Paul’s Junkyard is a super cool place to hang out during the full moon. This 360 degree night panorama is composed of nine exposures of 90 seconds at f/8 ISO 400 shot with an Olympus 18mm lens on a Canon 5D Mark II. The panorama was stitched together in Photoshop CS5 using a cylindrical projection. The white bin on the far left edge of the frame sits next to the yellow bin on the far right edge. The photographer pictured on top of the Caterpillar on the right is Tor-Erik Bakke. Click on the image above for a larger view.

8 thoughts on “Paul’s Junkyard 360 degree night panorama”

    1. Click on the image – it’s 1275 pixels wide. Big enough to go full screen for 50% of site visitors, but not big enough to cannibalize print sales.

  1. Amazing shot! I really want to learn about the panoramic shooting and how to do it in CS because honestly I am not good at that. Ehe.

  2. I second Troy! Maybe make them available bigger for workshop people… Panos look so cool when you can explore all the detail in them. A little bit bigger would go a long way :)

    Thanks for the link. Seems like I stood relatively still.

    Looking forward to seeing the time-lapses and more panos!

    1. I hear ya, but I’m at the limit of what I feel comfortable putting online.
      You did stand pretty still for the exposure.
      I’m looking forward to having some time to process more images and videos.

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