Paul’s Junkyard Sunset Time-Lapse

This sunset time-lapse is from the September 2011 Paul’s Junkyard Night Photography Workshop. A GoPro Hero HD camera was mounted to the window of a giant Caterpillar metal cutter using a suction cup. The camera shot a frame every 5 seconds for a total of 412 photos (about 35 minutes). The time-lapse was created in QuickTime Pro at 10 frames per second, and titles were added in iMovie. The music is from the great early 80′s album Noir Et Blanc by Zazou/Bikaye/CY1. That’s my co-instructor Troy Paiva along with repeat workshop offenders and talented photographers David A. Evans and Tor-Erik Bakke. Hope you had a great full moon!

4 thoughts on “Paul’s Junkyard Sunset Time-Lapse”

  1. Very niiice! Love it.

    Next time I have to linger a bit more (say 2-3 frames) to get more presence when I stick my head in there ;)

    I love to see the one you took the night before too Joe. Me running around with the orange T-shirt taking pictures of everything in sight was priceless.

    …oh and that video of Troy with the overturned truck was awesome too.

  2. The other video isn’t as good except for the short part where you’re running around like a madman. I can send you a copy for your amusement if you like.

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