Night photography: Impossible City rooftop moonrise

Impossible City rooftop moonrise -- by Joe Reifer

Impossible City rooftop moonrise -- by Joe Reifer

A 20-minute exposure during moonrise from the rooftop of the tallest building in the courtyard of the Impossible City. This small fake town at Fort Ord was built for military training. All areas are visible from nearby buildings, which makes getting from point A to point B almost impossible.

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  1. I believe that was the “hotel” you were on top of. It has a mock “registration desk” just inside the entrance. The building across to the left is the “school” and across to the right is the “City Hall” (which is where I found a fake IED).

    1. Thanks for the info. This building and the Command building at the other end were the only ones I spent much time inside. Didn’t seea lot of evidence of targets, shells, etc. There was a big metal trash can full of empty MRE wrappers though!

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