Berlin Ghost Town 360 Panorama

Berlin Ghost Town Mine Supervisor's House 360 Panorama -- by Joe Reifer

Berlin Ghost Town Mine Supervisor’s House 360 Panorama — by Joe Reifer

A 360º panorama inside the kitchen area of the former mine supervisor’s house at the Berlin ghost town in Nevada. The house is near the entrance to Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park and is filled with artifacts, photos, and news clippings. Click the image above for a closer look, or use your mouse to explore the interactive version below.

Technical details:

  • Canon 60D with a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lens on a RRS PG-02 tripod head.
  • 6 shots around at -10º, 1 up (zenith) at 70º, 1 offset down (nadir) at 45º
  • A bracketed set of 3 images was taken with exposures 2 stops apart.
  • PTGui Pro was used to stitch and blend the 24 images. Exposure Fusion was used for photorealistic blending (Yes, this is a HDR 360).
  • The nadir shot was taken by moving the tripod 3 feet and then utilizing PTGui Pro’s viewpoint correction when stitching. The Exposure and Color Adjustment optimization on the Exposure/HDR tab were a key part of blending the nadir.