Virginia City Cemetery Sunset 360 Panorama

Virginia City Cemetery Sunset 360 Panorama -- by Joe Reifer

Virginia City Cemetery Sunset 360 Panorama — by Joe Reifer

The historic Virginia City cemetery is located on a hill just on the north side of town, and features graves dating back to the 1860′s. A wide variety of religious and fraternal organizations have separate burial plots in this area.

This sunset photo was an experiment in HDR 360º panoramas while waiting for the moon to rise. Using a 10mm fisheye on a Canon 60D requires 6-shots around plus a zenith (up shot). Three images were taken at each setting, 2 stops apart. I was able to shoot the 18 images in just over 2 minutes. By the time I was ready to make the zenith for the 360, the color had disappeared from the sky and the clouds had moved quite a bit. For bracketed panoramas with fast moving clouds and fading light, a 4-shot around panorama with a 12mm fisheye on a full frame camera would be a better option because a zenith shot is not necessary.

I’ve been favoring 6 around + a zenith and nadir because the resolution is higher. Using the 60D, the final resolution is about 15,000×7,500 pixels. A 4-shot panorama on the 5D Mark II is 10,000×5,000. Sometimes the resolution tradeoff is worth it to get the shot. Unfortunately the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye is best at the 10-12mm end on a crop sensor camera. I may need to consider the Canon 8-15mm fisheye for the best quality 360′s on full frame. But enough about 360 pano techniques — why not

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    1. Is it not technically HDR without halos and clown puke? Maybe I need different terminology for using bracketed shots to capture a wide dynamic range and then blending the result to look like a regular photograph. :)

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