360 panorama of an abandoned wooden library in the forest

Library in the Woods -- by Joe Reifer

A secret location found in a library book, investigated on a 20 year old map, and accessed through extensive and humorously unnecessary bushwhacking. This beautiful circular wooden library is in quite good condition. I’d like to fill up the bookshelves, dust off the mattress, and move in. Click the image above to see the 360 degree panorama.

9 thoughts on “360 panorama of an abandoned wooden library in the forest”

  1. This is frigging awesome! Please elaborate on the entire story behind this very intriguing find.

  2. That’s wonderful design… seems like something out of one of the old “Myst”-style games. Looks like the wall under the loft has room for a small kitchenette on one side and writing/computer desk and ladder on the other.
    Imagine sitting near the fire on a cold winter day…a few chairs and cushions for comfortable reading and you’re set!

    Side note: Replace the mattress. Just sayin.

    1. Hi Robert – I like the Myst image. There is a small kitchen on the other side of the wall by the window. And mattress replacement would definitely be a good idea!

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