Inspirational Night Photography Design Challenge

Dumbarton swing bridge at night with T.S. Eliot quote

Dumbarton swing bridge at night with T.S. Eliot quote

I was recently asked to choose a photograph to pair with the T.S. Eliot quote: “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” The image will be used as office decor. Finding an image to go with the quote was a very interesting exercise. I looked through the moonlit images of junkyards and abandoned places on my website with fresh eyes, and asked myself the following questions:

  1. What does my intuition say — is there an image that works well with the quote?
  2. What about the design — should the quote go over the image, or underneath?
  3. And most interestingly — how can night photography be used to inspire people outside of the typical online or gallery display contexts?

I’d like to open these questions up to you, and issue the following design challenge:

  1. Take a screenshot of an image from my website:
  2. Add either the same T.S. Eliot quote, or choose another inspirational quote
  3. Send me a jpeg file of your design

I will feature the best designs here on the blog, with a link back to your website. The winner will receive a print. Thanks for taking up the challenge — I’m looking forward to seeing your designs!

5 thoughts on “Inspirational Night Photography Design Challenge”

  1. interesting, challenge. love the shot.

    1. how big will the print and/or framed/mounted piece be on the wall? the print will be mounted more or less at eyelevel? this is important as to the scale and placement of the type.

    2. is superimposing the type on the image a requirement? or can it be part of a larger design that encompasses the matting/framing/mounting?

    1. Hi Kevin –

      Great that you’re thinking about these important design questions!
      1. The size of the finished piece is flexible — most likely somewhere between 12″x18″ and 20″x30″.
      2. Superimposing the type is definitely not a requirement.

      I will work with the winner to replicate their low-res design at a resolution that’s suitable for a high quality print!

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