Night Photography Design Challenge Results: A Dark, Spiritual, Comedy

Full moon night photography of abandoned places is a bit of a niche category. The purpose of last week’s night photography design challenge was to open up a dialog about ways to share the beauty of this wonderful little world with more people. As a result of the blog post, I had a series of interesting email exchanges with 6 photographers. Even though I don’t plan to pair images and quotes in future presentations of my photos, this was a thought-provoking experiment.

The night photography insiders who participated had very different approaches to pairing image and text. The moods that were evoked ranged from dark to spiritual, and there were 2 entries in the comedy genre. The results are in the gallery below. Thanks to everyone who gave this experiment a whirl.

Participating photographers:

  • Sebastian Bakaj – Seb’s image took the Eliot quote into dark territory with a photo of a mannequin in the waterslide pool of J’s Amusements.
  • David J. Lewis – The lonely image of the old shot-up car in the desert with snow and joshua trees was one of my top picks for pairing with the T.S. Eliot quote. David Lewis, who was profiled on this blog last year, felt the same way.
  • Jeff McCrum – Jeff picked a recent image from a Nevada ghost town, and varied the font size to play with the impact of the quote over the image. He also submitted a humorous interpretation that paired the quote with a restroom image from Rock-A-Hoola.
  • Steve McIntyre – Steve picked an image from an abandoned cement plant that includes religious symbolism, taking the quote in a more spiritual direction.
  • David Evans – This alternate T.S. Eliot quote works really well, and the image selection is perfect.
  • Anonymous – This entry pairs an internet meme with a junkyard image from the secret boneyard.

6 thoughts on “Night Photography Design Challenge Results: A Dark, Spiritual, Comedy”

  1. Whoa, I thought my interpretation was dark. Seb definitely outdid me! Yikes. It was an interesting exercise. The abandoned car did it for me as I think fugitives, a high speed chase, and gunfire every time I see this photo – although there likely is a much less dramatic story to it. I think the night aesthetic evokes this sort of thought though, that is why it is so awesome!

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