Experiment and Win: What Motivates You to Like, Tweet, or Pin?

Mad Mouse rollercoaster night panorama -- by Joe Reifer

Mad Mouse rollercoaster night panorama — by Joe Reifer

Over the next two weeks, my company is doing a social media art experiment — each employee can post something creative to the social networks of their choice. The person with the most engagement wins an iPad 3.

If I win the contest, the person who helps generate the most buzz gets a free 32GB iPad 2 in excellent condition.

Yes, I’m going  meta with a contest-within-a-contest. I get an upgrade to an iPad 3, and you get a free iPad 2. There’s no catch. No strings attached. This contest is open to anyone in the U.S. and runs until October 5th.

Here’s how to enter — choose as many social networks as you’d like!

My advice is to focus on sharing the image, not on the contest.

  1. Facebook: Like the post, share the post.
  2. Twitter: Tweet or RT. Include the tag: #SellPointPinIt
  3. Pinterest: Like or Repin the Mad Mouse image.
  4. Tumblr: Like or Reblog the image.
  5. Flickr: Favorite the image: http://flic.kr/p/dcgds1
  6. Google+: Share this post. Include the tag #SellPointPinIt

If you’re in it to win it

Posting on all of your channels is great — the more you spread it, the better your chances. However, I’m hoping the potential contest winner will take this contest to the next level. Think outside the box. Really harness the power of their network to do something creative. The mad mouse image has proven to be popular — What can you do to get a lot of people to see it?

What’s my motivation?

Even if you’re not a super connected social media maven, I hope you will participate. The best reason to share the image is simply because you like it! I’m interested to see where people will take this experiment. Feel free to pontificate about how photographers are using or not using social media in the comments section below!

5 thoughts on “Experiment and Win: What Motivates You to Like, Tweet, or Pin?”

  1. Hi Dave –

    It’s interesting to hear that Flickr is still working for you — I know you have experience on FB, Pinterest, 1x, etc. — what is it about Flickr that makes it stand out?


  2. Good question. I think that I like flickr because most of the users are people who have photography as a main or primary interest. With facebook one must wade through all the posts about what time someone’s cat went to bed or how drunk they are. Twitter seems like sensory overload to me and pinterest is like the bulletin board overcrowded with lots of stuff that I am not interested in with a few things I am. In essence with flickr I find it easier to separate the wheat from the chaff. TO be honest I have read lots of negative things about flickr that have occurred since Yahoo bought the site but I am not sure that I can see a great difference. As for google+, I am not sure that I want to support google’s plan to take over the world…

  3. Hi Dave,

    A social network whose primary focus is photography is a great idea. I stopped using Flickr because it seemed to be a social network first, and about photography second. Perhaps I’m just too idealistic.

    You’re right that Facebook and Twitter can be a needle in a haystack experience for good content or conversation. And with Pinterest, I’m not sure if there even is one needle in the haystack. Maybe.

    In many ways Tumblr is very pure — the focus is primarily on the images. Even if they’re usually posted without permission and often without attribution.

    How has your experience been with 1x.com?

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