Celebrities Endorse Joe Reifer’s Mad Mouse iPad Contest

Last week I announced that I am giving away an iPad 2. To win, you need to generate a lot of buzz on social media for the Mad Mouse panorama. Then I’ll win an iPad 3, and I’ll give you my iPad 2.

Even with a $400 prize at stake, only a handful of people have spread the post on social media. Most of the activity occurred with Facebook shares and likes, with a little bit of action onĀ Pinterest and Flickr.

Beyond the lure of a free iPad, this experiment asks the question:

How do photographers get more people to see their work online?

Since nobody has pulled out their big marketing guns yet, I contacted the Adams Celebrity Agency about producing the YouTube video above. Turns out there are a few celebrities who are interested in winning the iPad for themselves! Who do you think is going to win?

4 thoughts on “Celebrities Endorse Joe Reifer’s Mad Mouse iPad Contest”

  1. I know Carel Struyken. I used to live in Camino / Pollock Pines. I spent the weekend trapped in the Cone of Silence, have drunk Sam’s beer and am also made up of atoms. I should win Joe’s iPad.

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