360º Night Panorama: Circles and Stars at Paul’s Junkyard

Circles and Stars at Paul's Junkyard -- by Joe Reifer

Circles and Stars at Paul’s Junkyard — by Joe Reifer

This 360º full moon night panorama is composed of 5 shots with a fisheye lens to make a complete sphere. Click the image above for a closer look, or use your mouse to move around the interactive version below.

4 thoughts on “360º Night Panorama: Circles and Stars at Paul’s Junkyard”

  1. Hi Seb – You have a keen eye. The higher level of noise is due to the temperature being quite hot at night in the desert (in the mid 70′s Fahrenheit). Getting the balance right between smoothing out the noise without losing sharpness/detail is a tricky equation. I usually err on the side of detail. In this case, there is a certain tension between the sky noise and the stars. I may go back and have another look after your comment though. Thanks! – Joe

    1. I showed the iPad version of a pano to some kids during a demo, and they had so much fun spinning around that it was tough to get the iPad back.

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