The Christmas Card Filter: Please Stand Clear While Dumping

360 Night Panorama: Stand Clear While Dumping

360 Night Panorama: Stand Clear While Dumping

When I was a kid, my Mom would get Christmas cards from far away family members and people we knew who had moved away. The card or Christmas letter recorded the peak moments in a family’s year. So and so got married. So and so graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth. This was more than enough news.

I want to bring the spirit of the yearly news report back. I want social media to be like a Christmas card. The volume is currently much too high. There needs to be a Christmas card filter for Facebook.

I’m willing to make a compromise between current reality and the Christmas card filter. How about a monthly update from everyone you know that tells you the one big thing that happened. Look at this awesome cat photo. I had the best Sazerac at this bar. You’d have to pick the best thing that happened all month, and that would be the only thing you could post. Facebook — limited to 1 post per month, and everyone could see your post without filters or promotions.

I’d even make a further concession. Using my Watching Reading Listening Doing (WRLD) formula, you could make 4 posts per month on social media. The best movie you saw, the best album you heard, the best book you read, and the coolest thing you did in real life. Once your posts were done for April, you’d have to wait until May for the next ones.

Think about how much time you’d save. You wouldn’t have to hide or unsubscribe to so many of your “friends.” The world online would be a much of a better place with some editing.

But I’m an idea guy. I’m not going to start my own social network. So you’ll have to continue to please stand clear while dumping. Break your own rocks online if you want to. It’s optional.

7 thoughts on “The Christmas Card Filter: Please Stand Clear While Dumping”

    1. Back in ye olden days when I was moderating a couple of Flickr groups I found this feature to be quite helpful. Hopefully the posting limits helped encourage people to edit a bit more. And browsing through the groups was much more diverse, too.

  1. But what if I had an awesome doughnut TODAY and a killer mocha TOMORROW? And don’t you want to know what *I* thought of the latest episode of MAD MEN, or the death of Rogert Ebert? I HAVE SO MUCH TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD.

    My solution: Only check fartbook once a month. Thanks, Joe, you’re one in a few billion.


    1. Your solution of looking less often is the best filter that’s currently available. The difference between checking in every day and looking every week or two is immense. When you’re always tuned in, it’s hard to have much perspective on what’s important. When you look less often and the volume is so high, it’s easier to pick out the interesting needles from the haystack.

  2. Joe – This is genius. It would never happen but It makes sense and I bet most people would agree with you. My only solution is to take “social”out of social media by checking less often and avoiding the less interesting sites.

    1. Thanks, JW. Glad you dig it. I think we all have to figure out our own tolerance for Internet antics. I just want to make sure I’m either being inspired or learning something.

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