Dead Palm Trees at Desert Center: 360 Night Panorama

360 night panorama of dead palm trees at Desert Center

360 night panorama of dead palm trees at Desert Center

These dead palm trees alongside Highway 10 in Desert Center were planted in 1990 by Stanley Ragsdale. He said he always wanted a “tree-ring circus.” Stanley died in 1999, and it’s amazing the trees are still standing after 14 years without being watered. Desert Magazine has an excellent story about Stanley’s father, who was known as Desert Steve Ragsdale. Desert Steve founded Desert Center in 1921. Use your mouse to have a look around the interactive version below — the button on the bottom right will take you full screen.

Technical Details: Canon EOS 60D with 8-15mm f/4L fisheye at 9mm. The optimal lens setting would have been 10mm but I bumped the lens ring. 6 shots around, 1 up, and 1 down. Each exposure was 60 seconds at f/8, ISO 800. I used a Really Right Stuff PG-02 pano head on a Nodal Ninja rotator.

Stitching the panorama was difficult due to the fast moving clouds. I used the masking feature in PTGui Pro to optimize the blend areas. The layered files were exported, and blended in Photoshop. The standard blending engine in PTGui doesn’t do a good job with sand and gravel. Using Photoshop or Smartblend to blend the images creates a crisper ground area. The interactive version was created in Pano2VR.

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  1. Joe, your creative photos make Desert Center look good. And that’s hard to do. Have been thru the area many times and think it is the most bleak landscape ever. Excellent work, tnx for sharing with us.

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