Bobbie’s Buckeye Bar: Abandoned Nevada Brothel 360 Tour

Bobbie's Buckeye Bar Brothel 360 Tour
Bobbie’s Buckeye Bar is an abandoned brothel in Tonopah, Nevada. This remote town in the Nevada desert is the home of the Tonopah Test Range where the F-117 Stealth fighter was tested back in the 1980′s. The Pahrump Valley Times ran a short biography of the madam of this brothel back in 2005. A New York Times profile of Tonopah back in 1982 is also quite entertaining. My friend Troy Paiva photographed Bobbie’s brothel in 2004. I’ve visited Bobbie’s on a few photo trips through the Tonopah area to find it locked up tight.

Last month the door was open, so I took a look inside. The place was pretty cleaned out, and the roof is caving in. Take a look around the bar and the living room in the 360 tour below. Look for the white dots to view all 4 panoramas in the tour.

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