The Panographers, Episode 5: Panography of the Dark

The Panographers, Episode #5 features the work of some amazing photographers who shoot panoramas at night. The photographers in this episode are: Aaron Priest, Chris Georgia, Joe Reifer, Joergen Geerds, Jörgen Tannerstedt & Thomas Hayden. Great to meet everyone and see their work! Big thanks to The Panographers kingpin and all around nice guy Gavin Farrell for organizing and hosting these sessions.

5 thoughts on “The Panographers, Episode 5: Panography of the Dark”

  1. Great vid. Especially liked the accidental mountain bike story. It’s funny how that happens.
    Congrats on you guys selling out the next workshop!

    1. Thanks, Tim. Not bad for running on 5 hours of sleep. Got my first shoot in at the workshop location last Saturday, and it’s amazing.

    1. The video seems to play fine on desktop and mobile. Maybe try re-loading? Or you can click on the title at the top or YouTube logo at the bottom to watch directly on YouTube. My segment starts at 42:55.

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