Marquetry artist Ian Smith: 360 night panorama made of wood

In January, an artist named Ian Smith from Manchester England contacted me about creating a wood version of my Desert Center 360 night panorama.

Desert Center Gas Station Full Moon 360 Panorama — by Joe Reifer

Desert Center Gas Station Full Moon 360 Panorama — by Joe Reifer

Ian Smith works in the ancient art of marquetry, which involves cutting pieces of wood veneer by hand to create an image. Ian described the project as:

I am hoping to do a more modern pastiche of the baroque style (defined by bold curving forms and dramatic effects with a touch of the bizarre). I have been checking out your amazing work and in particular I love the 360 degree picture of the old gas station.

I sent Ian a high resolution image to work from, and the piece is nearing completion. I was really blown away by Ian’s interpretation of the image.

Desert Center Gas Station Full Moon 360 Panorama -- marquetry version by Ian Smith

Desert Center Gas Station Full Moon 360 Panorama — marquetry version by Ian Smith

As an experiment, I made an interactive version of Ian’s marquetry gas station piece.

The marquetry pano wasn’t designed to wrap as a full 360. I did a little bit of leveling on the horizon and smoothing on the seam for the interactive version, while still respecting Ian’s work. The wood grain on the gas station roof is amazing!

After being marveled by Ian’s work for the last few days, I decided to buy the marquetry gas station pano after Ian’s big art show next month. I’m planning to hang the wood version on my wall, next to a print of the original. You can view more of Ian’s work on The Marquetry Shack. And stay tuned — Ian is already considering doing another wood version of one of my 360 night panoramas.

13 thoughts on “Marquetry artist Ian Smith: 360 night panorama made of wood”

  1. That’s very impressive work. I’m a little concerned, however, that an interactive panorama of a wood carving of an interactive panorama might break the space time continuum and destroy everything.

    Great photograph and incredible wood working.

    1. Thanks, Tim! I’m pretty sure that if I inserted a photo of a DeLorean into the pano, that the space-time continuum would collapse.

  2. Wow, I’m blown away by this it’s really awesome piece! The space-time continuum might have been already distorted as my phone crashes when loading this post, cool;)

        1. Showing panos on Android phones is difficult, because there are so many manufacturer variations of the software. Say what you want about Apple’s locked down system, it’s much easier to develop for iOS.

  3. Some things are too cool for words. Yet, I’m using words to describe something too cool for words. TILT

  4. Must be a treat for you to work with beautiful art like Ian’s work. I so admire your work; it is high art as well. We don’t get to see marquetry often…let’s bring it back.

      1. Hi Patricia, thanks for your comments and you can check out more of my work on my website, as Joe has previously mentioned. I must gently correct you on one thing if that is ok. It isn’t a treat for Joe to work with my art – it is a treat for me to work with Joe’s art! I am only one of six professional marquetry workers in the UK so it is rare over here as well and I do the occasional show in the US.
        And yes, I am committed to doing one of Joe’s car graveyard pictures!

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