Eagle Field Night Photography Workshop

A row of trucks under the moonlight at Eagle Field

A row of trucks under the moonlight at Eagle Field

This morning Troy Paiva and I announced a new night photography workshop to our email list. We’ll be at Eagle Field for the full moon this November – it’s a historic WWII air training base with a cool collection of cars, planes, and old buildings. As of this afternoon, the workshop is full. Contact me to get on the waiting list, or to get on the notification list for next time. You can also contact Troy regarding an alumni event at Paul’s Junkyard in the Mojave Desert, October 18-20th.

Abandoned ski resort 360 night panorama: Breaking the star trail barrier

Abandoned ski resort 360 night panorama

Abandoned ski resort 360 night panorama — by Joe Reifer

During the supermoon I photographed an abandoned ski resort in the Lake Tahoe area. While we were scouting the location, photographer David Dasinger mentioned that he’d seen a 360 pano with reasonably long star trails. The full moon 360 night panos I’ve been shooting have typically been four exposures of 90 seconds, in order to keep the stars and shadows aligned when stitching. As an experiment, I shot a 360 night pano with four 6-minute exposures. The longer star trails stitched perfectly in PTGui. The ground required a little bit of extra retouching because the tree shadows moved during the long exposures. Other than that, I’m excited to report that it IS possible to have longer star trails in a 360 panorama.

Use the button on the bottom right to go full screen, and you’ll see the stars circle around Polaris over the wood house. The star trails are diagonal to the east and west, and almost horizontal to the south. Zoom in just to the right of the supermoon, and you’ll see our tents in the trees. More photos from this location soon.

Update 7/7/2013: Three additional panoramas have been added to create a virtual tour.

Night photography: Boundary Peak Lodge Motel

Boundary Peak Lodge Motel -- by Joe Reifer

Boundary Peak Lodge Motel — by Joe Reifer

The full supermoon shines on the abandoned Boundary Peak Lodge Motel on Montgomery Pass. This cluster of abandoned motels is located just over the Nevada border on a lonely stretch Highway 6 at an elevation of 7167 feet. On the West side of the highway, the remaining buildings include the motel, restaurant and 3 houses.

The Soper’s Restaurant and Casino across the road burned down on March 24th, 2010.  The East side of the highway still has a 2-story hotel, storage building, gas station awning, and row of cottages. There are also piles of debris from the fire and some junked cars out back. Most of these buildings have been abandoned since the late 1990′s. See more night photography from this location.

Abandoned Drive-In Theater 360 Night Panorama

Abandoned Drive-In Theater 360 Panorama -- by Joe Reifer

A full moon 360 panorama of an abandoned drive-in theater in the Nevada desert.

Stand under the screen and under the stars at the abandoned Sage Crest Drive-in theater in Yerington, Nevada. Use your mouse to navigate the interactive 360 below — the button on the bottom right will take you full screen. How many constellations can you identify? Also look for the bird who lives under the movie screen.

Technical details: Four shots around with a Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens at 12mm on an EOS 6D. Each exposure was 90 seconds at f/8, ISO 800. A fifth shot was taken to patch the tripod area and shadow. Really Right Stuff PG-02 panohead on a customized Nodal Ninja rotator and leveling base. Processed in Lightroom and Photoshop, stitched in PTGui Pro, and output using Pano2VR Pro.