Abandoned Drive-In Theater 360 Night Panorama

Abandoned Drive-In Theater 360 Panorama -- by Joe Reifer

A full moon 360 panorama of an abandoned drive-in theater in the Nevada desert.

Stand under the screen and under the stars at the abandoned Sage Crest Drive-in theater in Yerington, Nevada. Use your mouse to navigate the interactive 360 below — the button on the bottom right will take you full screen. How many constellations can you identify? Also look for the bird who lives under the movie screen.

Technical details: Four shots around with a Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens at 12mm on an EOS 6D. Each exposure was 90 seconds at f/8, ISO 800. A fifth shot was taken to patch the tripod area and shadow. Really Right Stuff PG-02 panohead on a customized Nodal Ninja rotator and leveling base. Processed in Lightroom and Photoshop, stitched in PTGui Pro, and output using Pano2VR Pro.

Night photography: Tanks and other targets on a Nevada bombing range

Tank 3am -- by Joe Reifer

Night photograph of a military tank target on a remote Nevada training range.

This remote training range in Nevada was converted from ranchland by the Navy in the 1980′s. Richard Misrach documented the rise of another Nevada bombing range in his superb book Bravo 20. Live bombs are not used on this range, which is legal to visit. Tanks, trucks, and other electronic targets are scattered throughout the area on dirt roads, and camouflaged in the trees. Some of the old ranch houses are still standing with flowing irrigation.

Enjoy more night photos of tanks and other targets on my portfolio site.

Full Moon 360 Panorama: The Stonehenge of Western Nevada

A full moon shines over the Stonehenge of Western Nevada. The Thompson Smelter processed copper ore, and operated on-and-off between 1912-1929. Also known as the Wabuska Smelter, these stone mining ruins are just north of Yerington, Nevada. Use your mouse to navigate the interactive panorama below.

360 night tour of an abandoned cement plant

A full moon 360 from up on the catwalk at the abandoned cement plant

A full moon 360 from up on the catwalk at the abandoned cement plant

Long exposures at night with moving clouds can make stitching 360 panoramas difficult. The 6 panos in virtual tour below were shot some time ago. Over the last 6 months I’ve finally developed a reasonably efficient post-processing technique to get the clouds to stitch smoothly. I’ve also upgraded my pano player software to Pano2VR Pro, which makes building a virtual tour really fast. I’ll be adding 1-2 more panos to the tour over the next few weeks, and then creating a separate tour for another part of the facility. In a regular web browser, click the button on the bottom right to go full screen. The virtual tour also works on on iPad or iPhone. Enjoy the panos!

The Christmas Card Filter: Please Stand Clear While Dumping

360 Night Panorama: Stand Clear While Dumping

360 Night Panorama: Stand Clear While Dumping

When I was a kid, my Mom would get Christmas cards from far away family members and people we knew who had moved away. The card or Christmas letter recorded the peak moments in a family’s year. So and so got married. So and so graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth. This was more than enough news.

I want to bring the spirit of the yearly news report back. I want social media to be like a Christmas card. The volume is currently much too high. There needs to be a Christmas card filter for Facebook.

I’m willing to make a compromise between current reality and the Christmas card filter. How about a monthly update from everyone you know that tells you the one big thing that happened. Look at this awesome cat photo. I had the best Sazerac at this bar. You’d have to pick the best thing that happened all month, and that would be the only thing you could post. Facebook — limited to 1 post per month, and everyone could see your post without filters or promotions.

I’d even make a further concession. Using my Watching Reading Listening Doing (WRLD) formula, you could make 4 posts per month on social media. The best movie you saw, the best album you heard, the best book you read, and the coolest thing you did in real life. Once your posts were done for April, you’d have to wait until May for the next ones.

Think about how much time you’d save. You wouldn’t have to hide or unsubscribe to so many of your “friends.” The world online would be a much of a better place with some editing.

But I’m an idea guy. I’m not going to start my own social network. So you’ll have to continue to please stand clear while dumping. Break your own rocks online if you want to. It’s optional.

Take a 360 virtual tour of the industrial plant at night