Valley Junkyard 360 Night Tour

Valley Junkyard 360 Night Tour
The Valley Junkyard is an old-school, post-war junkyard with thousands of cars from the 1930′s to 1990′s. Click the 360 night panorama above to take a virtual tour of this amazing place. The 360 night tour features nine night junkyard panoramas. Look for the little white dots along the horizon to link between panos.

These 360 night panoramas were photographed during the December 2013 full moon. Each panorama was created from 5 images shot with a Canon 8-15mm fisheye lens on a Canon EOS 6D. Most exposures were around 1 minute at f/9.5, ISO 800. The images were stitched together in PTGUI Pro, and  the 360 tour was created in Pano2VR Pro.

In April of 2014, Troy Paiva and I will be teaching a night photography workshop at the Valley Junkyard. The first workshop sold out in a few hours from our email list. If you’d like to find out about future workshops, contact me to be added to the list.

The Panographers, Episode 5: Panography of the Dark

The Panographers, Episode #5 features the work of some amazing photographers who shoot panoramas at night. The photographers in this episode are: Aaron Priest, Chris Georgia, Joe Reifer, Joergen Geerds, Jörgen Tannerstedt & Thomas Hayden. Great to meet everyone and see their work! Big thanks to The Panographers kingpin and all around nice guy Gavin Farrell for organizing and hosting these sessions.

Eagle Field Night Photography: Vintage Bentley and Ladies Lounge

Vintage Bentley under the stars at Eagle Field

Vintage Bentley under the stars at Eagle Field

A dozen adventurous photographers are enjoying the Eagle Field Night Photography Workshop this full moon. The owner pulled this vintage Bentley out of the airplane hangar for us to photograph under the moonlight. Troy Paiva and I help bring some elegance to night photography. Click the image below for a 360 degree view of the Ladies Lounge inside the Eagle Field airplane hangar.
Eagle Field Ladies Lounge

Bobbie’s Buckeye Bar: Abandoned Nevada Brothel 360 Tour

Bobbie's Buckeye Bar Brothel 360 Tour
Bobbie’s Buckeye Bar is an abandoned brothel in Tonopah, Nevada. This remote town in the Nevada desert is the home of the Tonopah Test Range where the F-117 Stealth fighter was tested back in the 1980′s. The Pahrump Valley Times ran a short biography of the madam of this brothel back in 2005. A New York Times profile of Tonopah back in 1982 is also quite entertaining. My friend Troy Paiva photographed Bobbie’s brothel in 2004. I’ve visited Bobbie’s on a few photo trips through the Tonopah area to find it locked up tight.

Last month the door was open, so I took a look inside. The place was pretty cleaned out, and the roof is caving in. Take a look around the bar and the living room in the 360 tour below. Look for the white dots to view all 4 panoramas in the tour.