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Eagle Field Night Photography Workshop

A row of trucks under the moonlight at Eagle Field

A row of trucks under the moonlight at Eagle Field

This morning Troy Paiva and I announced a new night photography workshop to our email list. We’ll be at Eagle Field for the full moon this November – it’s a historic WWII air training base with a cool collection of cars, planes, and old buildings. As of this afternoon, the workshop is full. Contact me to get on the waiting list, or to get on the notification list for next time. You can also contact Troy regarding an alumni event at Paul’s Junkyard in the Mojave Desert, October 18-20th.

Fall 2012 Paul’s Junkyard Night Photography Workshop

A prop cockpit from the movie Timecop sits next to a pile of airplane parts and a Huey helicopter in this 360º night panorama at Paul’s Junkyard.

The fall 2012 Paul’s Junkyard Night Photography Workshop registration opened to our email list on Monday and filled in just over 1 day. The good news is that light painting juggernaut Troy Paiva is considering adding an alumni shoot-only workshop for the October full moon. This will potentially open up 3-4 spaces for the full workshop experience that runs September 28-30. Contact me to get on the waiting list!

Paul’s Junkyard is a Mojave Desert night photography paradise. Part movie car storage yard and part hardcore metal recycling facility, Paul’s is packed with photographic possibilities. We’ll spend 3 full moon nights helping you improve your light painting, and 3 afternoons in the classroom doing critiques and learning techniques.

Speaking of techniques, I’ll be showing 3 new night photography post-processing demos during the workshop. These Photoshop techniques will help you put the finishing touches on your images and quickly solve some common problems with light painted images.

1. Intense warm and cool – deepen the blue night sky and warm up the desert sand at the same time for rich, intense color.
2. Impossible highlight repair - An easy and natural looking fix for blown highlights from light painting.
3. Quick detail rescue – A simple way to recover detail in areas where gelled colors are oversaturated.

There’s more workshop information on my website. Contact me to get on the waiting list or if you have any questions!

Paul’s Junkyard Night Photography Workshop

Dinosaur of destruction -- by Joe Reifer

Dinosaur of destruction — by Joe Reifer

Registration is open for the fall 2011 night photography workshop at Paul’s Junkyard! The workshop runs September 10-12, 2011, and includes 3 afternoons of technique discussions, critiques, and post-processing demos. After the classroom sessions it’s off to the junkyard for 3 nights of shooting and hands-on instruction with Joe Reifer and Troy Paiva. Workshop tuition is $900.

Paul’s is a Mojave Desert junkyard with hundreds of vehicles, including a wide array of tv and movie prop cars. There are police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, buses, limousines, taxis, armored cars, garbage trucks, RVs, heavy equipment, a jet, and 2 helicopters! The site also contains a crushed cars, farm equipment, collapsing garage buildings, and piles of metal waiting to be recycled. This amazing mix of vehicles and debris is a night photography paradise.

Photos of Paul’s Junkyard by: Joe Reifer | Troy Paiva | and previous workshop participants

Ready to shoot under the full moon at an amazing desert junkyard this Fall? Just send me an email to sign up or if you have questions.

And don’t park too close to the dinosaur:

Adaptive Sports Center Fall Photography Workshop

Founded in 1987, The Adaptive Sports Center (ASC) improves the quality of life of people with physical or cognitive disabilities through outdoor adventure activities. In addition to skiing, rafting, and ropes courses, the ASC is offering a fall photography workshop for people with cognitive disabilities from September 9-11, 2011.

Held during the fall color season in beautiful Crested Butte Colorado, this introduction to nature photography is taught by photographer Pat Bittle. The weekend workshop concludes with a gallery show that is open to friends, family, and the Crested Butte community. The workshop tuition is $385 per person, and scholarships are available. For more information or to register contact the Adaptive Sports Center by phone: (970) 349-2296 or visit

Please feel free to spread the word about the ASC’s photography workshop and other programs on Facebook and Twitter using the links below. Thanks!

Paul’s Junkyard photo workshop: Cutting cars in half at sunset

The first Paul’s Junkyard night photography workshop was a blast. At sunset on the second night, the owner cut a car in half, and then lifted another one in the air for us to photograph. I was tempted to dub dinosaur sounds over the video. Troy Paiva and I saw some amazing work during the critique sessions, and we’re looking forward to seeing more photos online soon. I’ll be featuring some photos right here on my blog, and also keep an eye on the Flickr group.

We’re planning to do another workshop at Paul’s in the fall. The April workshop sold out in less than a day. The best way to grab a spot is to get on our email notification list. We promise not to use your car to demonstrate how the giant metal cutter works.