The world is a screen, your mind is a screen, a key lies in your feet

Sprocket Holga Proof Sheet

A whole roll of sprocket holes. 35mm film in a Holga 120 format toy camera. Tape. Rubber bands. The works.

Go walk somewhere good, put the camera to your eye, and press the button.
Click on the small proof sheet to get a bigger proof sheet.
Make a loupe out of a paper cup, put your eyeball up to the screen, and tell me what you see.

Sprocket Holga Proof Sheet -- by Joe Reifer

Sprocket Holga Proof Sheet — by Joe Reifer

Bus Trip to Pacifica: Squid Fishing with a Turkey, and Tilting with Hunger

Below is the abstract take on yesterday’s adventure in Pacifica, walking from Linda Mar, to Rockaway Beach, the new trails at Mori Point, and the Pacifica Pier. Look for a complete guide to this great walking route on an upcoming installment of Car Free Outdoors.

A Walk Through Ingleside: Neighborhood Abstractions in Unfamiliar Territory

A few years ago my partner, Jen English, walked Every Street in Berkeley. Now she’s back with a new blog called Car-Free Outdoors, with detailed information about outdoor adventures in the San Francisco Bay Area that are accessible using public transportation. The adventure begins when you leave your house, not after you drive to the trailhead. Last weekend we took BART from Berkeley to Balboa Park and walked through the Ingleside neighborhood of San Francisco, around Lake Merced to Fort Funston, and then up through Pine Lake and Stern Grove to West Portal where we jumped on Muni back to BART. Jen will have an article with route directions up on Car-Free Outdoors on Friday — check out the RSS feed or follow @carfreeoutdoors on Twitter for updates. Until then, here’s a more abstract version of the journey: