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Under Construction: New Website Coming Soon


Over the next couple of days I’m migrating my website and blog over to a new web host. All of the blog content has been moved over — I’m waiting for the Internets to update the domain (which takes 24-72 hours).

I’m also very excited to be relaunching my main website with A Photo Folio. Please tune-in early next week for a new look with big photos and smooth navigation. Thanks to Jay, Neo, and Andy for helping me test the new site.

Important: There may be a short interruption in email service during this transition.

Update: The new website is go! Have a look:

Pearsonville Night Photography: October Gallery II of II

Here are 10 more night photographs from the October full moon workshop at the Pearsonville junkyard. Next month I’ll be posting more toy camera work, and also talking about the image storage and backup strategy that I’ve recently put in place. In the mean time, enjoy the images below, and let me know your favorites!

Wells Fargo Fitness Course (#8)

Wells Fargo Fitness Course (#8) -- by Joe Reifer

Wells Fargo Fitness Course (#8) — by Joe Reifer

From a new early stage project that examines forgotten par courses. The container on the bench is filled with dried out oranges from a running event that happened earlier in the day. There was also a surprise when I looked at the slide on the light table — 2 animal friends had posed for the camera.

Wells Fargo Fitness Course (#8 Detail) -- by Joe Reifer

Wells Fargo Fitness Course (#8 Detail) — by Joe Reifer

The practice of walking

Deer crossing -- by Jen English

Deer crossing — by Jen English

One of my high school English teachers spent half of the first day of class talking about the importance of looking out the window to watch the light change over the course of the year. A group of 15 year old kids surely exchanged bewildered looks that day. Only after considerable years of spiritual exploration and photographic practice did I begin to understand this lesson. I am still thankful.

Another notable lesson has recently come to a point that needs to be marked. My longtime partner Jen just finished a two year project where she walked every street and pathway in Berkeley. I was along for about 1/3 of the walks.

Instead of getting from point A to B, the purpose of the walk was purely to observe your surroundings. At first the experience of walking for miles without a destination was strange, but after a few walks it started to become meditative. And while parts of the walk involved busy urban areas, the most enjoyable part for me was the quiet suburban streets.

Studying the psychogeography of the suburbs is best done on foot. We really don’t have time to notice much when speeding by in a car. When we do walk, there is usually a destination in mind. Or an exciting area we want to see. Or maybe a walk in the woods. When you take all of those ideas away, and just walk, you open up observational possibilities of a more subtle nature.

And yes, an exercise that hones observational skills can certainly be beneficial to improving your photography. While I did make some good images throughout the course of the walk, the photographs were almost a fringe benefit. The best part of the project was finding a deeper understanding of how people live. The everyday world around us can be pretty interesting, but sometimes we need a shakeup of our routine in order to see it. I want to thank Jen for leading the way.


I’m back from Hawaii. Doing laundry and processing RAW files. Holga images will be back from the lab tomorrow and I’m excited. Photos and stories coming soon. In the mean time, have a look at this entertaining action show called Super Shooter (contains foul language and really bad acting).

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