Night Photographer: Andy Frazer

From inside Stockton -- by Andy Frazer
From inside Stockton -- by Andy Frazer

Andy Frazer wrote a lovely post about the new iteration of my blog over on his night photography blog. Andy is a talented photographer and nice chap. One of the cool things Andy does on his blog is to profile other photographers, so I thought I would return the favor.

I've really enjoyed watching Andy work in the field, doing night photography -- he has very clear ideas about the light painting effects he wants to achieve, and will patiently work a scene until he gets it right. Andy is quite skillful in controlling his lighting, and applying an interesting mix of colors. He even gave me a small pack he cut of his favorite gel colors, which has stayed in my camera bag and been very useful. And speaking of useful, Andy is the guy who shows up early to the shoot and scouts things out in the daytime, and then comes through later in the shoot with a thermos full of hot coffee.

Andy made a great short film about night photography called Night of the Living Photographers. Better yet, the latest version of the film will be screening at Studio Nocturne this weekend at Fort Mason in San Francisco. I'll be exhibiting 12 images right next to where Andy's film is screening -- hope to see you there!