5 disc shuffle, and Noisy People

I'm addicted to putting 5 CD's into the changer and putting it on shuffle. Yeah, you can put a bunch of discs in your computer and have a random jukebox all day long, but 5 discs in the changer is how I've been rocking out since the early 90's, and it works well for me. Here's what's playing on a rainy weekend while I do some image cataloging and finish framing for my upcoming show:

Yeah, it's a strange and eclectic mix, but it's really working. And speaking of strange music, my friend Tom Djll is featured in the documentary Noisy People that screens next Wednesday at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley. The filmmaker, Tim Perkis, will be appearing at the PFA for the premier with guest performers. I've been a fan of the out there improv scene in the Bay Area for a long time, and I'm excited to see the film!