Through the filter: Bat for Lashes

I usually don't pay much attention to pop music, or music videos. But while reading the always entertaining Bummer Life, I found the video above by the group Bat for Lashes. The video evokes such a great, eerie mood -- made me think about photographers Gregory Crewdson and Ralph Eugene Meatyard.

How often do you see a movie or a video that inspires your photography? I'm not just talking about just the technical aspects such as lighting and cinematography, but something that strikes an emotional chord with what you're trying to achieve in your images? Do you consciously see cinema through the filter of still photography?

If you had to identify the influence of one filmmaker on your most important body of photographic work, who would it be? Or perhaps here's another way to attack this question -- if you think of your favorite directors, can you find their influence in your work? I explored some of these questions last year by taking screenshots of Soderbergh's film Bubble. And the influence works both ways -- Soderbergh mentions both Crewdson and Joel Meyerowitz in the DVD commentary.