Postcards from the Desert: Boneyard Sunset

Boneyard Sunset -- by Joe Reifer

A reference in a book lead to an internet search which lead to asking a relative who lived nearby who referred me to a hiking guide who said I could drop her name with a local business owner who gave me directions down a dirt road to this boneyard. Many thanks to everyone!

The late afternoon sun was obscured by clouds, and by the time I arrived the light was fading fast. For 7-8 minutes the sky turned a firey orange and red, and I was able to make a few images while looking to see if anyone was around. There were no signs of life except for a few birds roosting in a cockpit. I'm still not sure who owns the property, but plan to return in order to inquire about night photography access for a future full moon.

Having a great time out in the desert.