Platform changes: radar tower

Radar Tower (#25, collapsed) -- by Joe Reifer

The photo above was taken last night at a crumbling Nike Missile site in Marin. You can see what the tower looked like before it collapsed in a night photograph from last year on my website. The exposure time was 14.5 minutes at f/11, ISO 125 with an Olympus 21mm lens on a Canon 5D. I cut the exposure half a minute short because a plane was about to fly through the shot. The North Star is towards the upper right of the frame. In camera noise reduction was used for the long exposure. Basic adjustments were made for tone and color in Adobe Camera RAW, I did a small amount of dodging and burning in Photoshop CS3, and then sharpened. I'm excited to see this image as a print, and will be making a 12x18 in the next few days.