Night photography: Holga in the Junkyard

And now for something completely different -- a few weeks ago I took an old Holga with a busted shutter and ripped the internals out with a pair of pliers. Thanks to night Holga expert Susanne Friedrich for the excellent advice. This camera is now dedicated to night photography -- just take the lens cap off to start the exposure. A piece of gaffer's tape is handy to keep the cap in place while not shooting. The images below were shot at last week's Pearsonville Night Photography Workshop using Fuji 64T film at an approximate aperture of f/11, and an exposure time of about an hour. A couple of these shots were made using a tabletop tripod attached to a nearby car with velcro. Toy cameras can definitely be a fun way to get a different perspective on a subject. The light weight and inexpensive Holga makes a great second camera for night photography.