Blue Nocturne: Online Night Photography Exhibit

(Untitled 2007) -- by Bradford Reed

The Nocturnes latest online exhibit -- Blue Nocturne -- is now online. Twenty-nine night photographers participated! Above is one of my favorite images from the exhibit, by photographer and musician Bradford Reed. My picks would have been quite different than what got selected by the juror, which is not unusual. As The Dude so aptly put it: "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man. "

A big part of the value proposition of submitting to an online show is forcing yourself to do the thinking, selecting, and editing necessary to present your work. And having your night images on one of the web's most authoritative sources for night photography is great marketing. Here are a few more of my picks from the exhibit:

  • House -- by Cody Bratt -- the elevated camera position, Hido-esque warm interior lighting, and mid-ground/background dimensionality of the mountains really get me into a desert roadtrip mood.
  • Fake Plastic Trees -- by Shadow of Light Project -- if you're willing to extrapolate the Blue Nocturne concept out a bit, and I certainly am a fan of extrapolating, this image is a sleeper. Deceptively simple, but layered with  tonal nuances that could only happen at night. This image might do better as a print than online, but it made me stop, think, chuckle, and think some more.

Have a look at Blue Nocturne for yourself, and let me know which ones you like!