Five Decades of Bill Owens

Bill Owens: 5 Decades of PhotographyPhoto Central Gallery, April 17-June 18, 2009 1099 E Street, Hayward, CA [Google Map]

Bill Owens is an internationally renowned photographer living in Hayward. His most famous work, Suburbia, has been exhibited in museums around the globe but it is just one part of his dynamic creative life. This exhibition is the first to feature Bill’s photographs from the Peace Corps in the sixties to the Rolling Stones at Altamont all the way to his newest video work. Bill is a vibrant “people person” who shows us our real selves with wry humor and wit. If you only see one exhibition this year-this should be the one! Learn more about Bill at:

Important Note: Medium-sized prints are very reasonably priced at $300-500 unframed. For those on a budget there are signed Suburbia posters for $10, T-shirts for $20, and small prints for $150. The show also includes a folio of 10 prints for $900 that includes 8 silver prints and 2 color.

Bill Owens Books

Many people know Bill's classic book Suburbia, but his other 1970's books are underrated gems, especially Working (I do it for the money), and Our Kind of People: American Groups and Rituals. These two books are highly recommended, and usually available used for $10-15. Leisure is quite good, with a sprinkling of newer work. I haven't looked at last year's hardcover monograph entitled Bill Owens. In addition to photography, Bill is a microbrewery and craft distilling pioneer, heads up the American Distilling Institute, and has a forthcoming book on making whiskey.