Pier 24: An amazing collection of photography in a big quiet space

What if I told you there was a place in San Francisco to view an amazing collection of modern photography from the 1920's to present. And what if it was free to get in. And the space was huge. And only 20 people were allowed in at a time, so you could stand in front of your favorites as long as you want. And there were no crowds. And it was quiet.

This amazing place exists. It's called Pier 24. A whole room of Bernd and Hilla Becher typologies. A whole room of Lee Friedlander. A whole room of Robert Adams. Arbus. Eggleston. Winogrand. Frank. Evans. Sugimoto. Misrach. Weston. Stieglitz. Strand.

The current exhibit runs through February 28th. Appointments to view the collection are available starting on January 3rd. Get this on your calendar for 2011!

Update: More motivation to visit Pier 24 from B.