Pier 24 Photography Exhibit Time-Lapse

This time-lapse documents a 2-hour visit to Pier 24 in San Francisco to see the Here exhibit that features over 700 photographs of the Bay Area. Visiting Pier 24 is free, but you need to make an appointment online a few weeks in advance.

Time-lapse technical details: Still photography is allowed inside Pier 24, you just can't use a flash. I asked permission before making this time-lapse. I used the string from a sweatshirt to hang a GoPro HD camera around my neck (Flavor Flav style). The camera took a photo every 5 seconds. The time-lapse was assembled at 6fps in Quicktime 7 Pro. Titles and music were added in iMovie. As the show is Bay Area focused and has suburban themes, I thought music by The Residents would be appropriate.

I hope you enjoy the time-lapse tour, and that you are inspired to book a 2 hour time slot to visit Pier 24!

Update: Thanks to Blake Andrews for spreading the word about my tour of Pier 24.