Paul's Junkyard Night Photography Workshop

Dinosaur of destruction -- by Joe Reifer
Dinosaur of destruction -- by Joe Reifer

Registration is open for the fall 2011 night photography workshop at Paul's Junkyard! The workshop runs September 10-12, 2011, and includes 3 afternoons of technique discussions, critiques, and post-processing demos. After the classroom sessions it's off to the junkyard for 3 nights of shooting and hands-on instruction with Joe Reifer and Troy Paiva. Workshop tuition is $900.

Paul's is a Mojave Desert junkyard with hundreds of vehicles, including a wide array of tv and movie prop cars. There are police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, buses, limousines, taxis, armored cars, garbage trucks, RVs, heavy equipment, a jet, and 2 helicopters! The site also contains a crushed cars, farm equipment, collapsing garage buildings, and piles of metal waiting to be recycled. This amazing mix of vehicles and debris is a night photography paradise.

Photos of Paul's Junkyard by: Joe Reifer | Troy Paiva | and previous workshop participants

Ready to shoot under the full moon at an amazing desert junkyard this Fall? Just send me an email to sign up or if you have questions.

And don't park too close to the dinosaur: