Atlas: Recent additions to the digital clippings file

I've been perusing Gerhard Richter's Atlas over the last few days -- an overwhelming collection of snapshots, newspaper clippings, photos from books, photographic experiments, and family photos from 1962-2006. I used to cut photos out of magazines and make collages. Now I just right click when I see something interesting that I think I'll want to see again.

Occasionally I'll browse through these images when I need inspiration, or run them as my screen saver. After spending some time with Richter's collection of photos in book form, perhaps I'll be inspired to group some images by theme and print proof sheets. How do you organize and review the images that catch your eye? I prefer to group images together instead of using the one-at-a-time approach on Tumblr. Perhaps I've answered my own question with this gallery of 15 photos that recently went into my digital atlas.