Eleven strange music blogs: Free jazz, rock, kosmiche, international, and noise

Drinkin and rockin -- beer bong, big hair, and guitars Here is a list of 11 music blogs. Some feature a few tracks from an album for a limited time, and others have links to high quality mp3 downloads of entire albums. Online music sharing is great for hard to find out of print music. For current releases we need to support the musical artists. Consider these downloads a preview for you to enjoy now, and hopefully you'll give back to the artists if possible. If you have other favorite sites that fit into this sort of musical aesthetic, please share them in the comments. And thanks to the folks who turned me on to these blogs!

  1. Destination:Out  - Rare and out of print adventurous jazz. Also home to the online mp3 store for the great FMP label.
  2. Know Your Conjurer - Kosmiche, drone, international, jazz, and noise. This blog is scary close to my own taste in music. Edo also has a KYC radio show on KALX in Berkeley.
  3. Holy Warbles - From electronic noise to dub to Turkish psych freakouts, the owl runs one of the best music blogs around.
  4. Awesome Tapes from Africa - Just got turned on to this site recently. Some amazing albums you'll find nowhere else.
  5. Moroccan Tape Stash - If you love the music of Morocco, this blog is a must.
  6. P.A. to da Reggae - Rare roots, dub, and dancehall.
  7. Killed in Cars - Just started reading this one. More analysis, Q&A, and ramblings than most music blogs -- which is cool.
  8. Music is a Better Noise - This Japanese blog features rock, psychedelic, kosmiche, electronic, and noise.
  9. Murky Recess - In addition to a great mix of music, this blog features some fun photos, too!
  10. Madrotter - Fans of gamelan and Indonesian music will be floored.
  11. Weird Brother - 70's rock, industrial, ambient -- a really great mix.