Gift ideas for photographers: Photography books

Duncan the Wonder Dog / Adam Hines What if animals could talk. Would they feel like second class citizens and revolt? This mesmerizing graphic novel combines traditional comics with drawing, painting, and scanning all mixed together. There's a 33 page preview here. The book is currently out of print with copies starting at $70. A 3rd printing is scheduled for March 2012. Check your local library or get the digital version for $9.95


Garden / Yuichi Yokoyama What astonishing parallel universe did this book come from? If you're a creative person that likes to think outside the box, Garden is a must see.


Errol Morris / Believing is Seeing (Observations on the Mysteries of Photography) Better in book form than in the paper. A slog at times because Morris is wordy, but the epiphanies are well worth the effort. Highly recommended.


Lee Friedlander / The New Cars 1964 If I had to pick one book that I read this year where I was smiling the whole time, this would be it.


Michael Light / 100 Suns Essential. Beautiful.


Denis Johnson / Train Dreams If you're interested in depictions of the West in early 20th century America, don't miss this wonderful little novella.


Robert Adams / What We Bought Photos of tract housing as Denver got built up between 1968-1974. The work is stunning, and the design and printing are top notch.