Tucson Trip: Monument Camera

I just returned from 5 days in Tucson Arizona. The weather was 70 degrees and sunny, and there was a lot to see. I didn't bring a lot of camera gear, but did plan to make a few 360 panoramas. I was going to borrow a tripod, but ended up purchasing an inexpensive monopod instead. I needed a bushing to mount my Nodal Ninja R1 panohead on the monopod, and I found one at Monument Camera for $1.99.

Monument is an old school camera store with a collection of old cameras, darkroom supplies, and lighting equipment. There's also a poker table with Canon EOS chips, a collection of deer antlers, and some other interesting memorabilia. The nice fellow behind the counter let me test my monopod camera setup in the store. If you like old cameras and find yourself in Tucson, Monument Camera is a fun place to visit.