Pier 24: About Face Portrait Photography Exhibit Time-Lapse

Pier 24 is a free photography museum in San Francisco, and one of the premier venues for viewing fine art photography. This time-lapse of the current About Face exhibition shows some of the almost 1000 portraits on display. The photos range from 19th century to current. The video condenses a 2 hour gallery visit down to a little over 3 minutes. Book your own appointment to see this show on the Pier 24 website.

The time-lapse was created using a GoPro HD Hero worn around my neck on a shoestring and set to take one photo every 2 seconds. The almost 3000 resulting images were processed in Adobe Lightroom. I used the virtual copy feature to make duplicate frames of the photos that I wanted to pause on. Then I exported the images at a smaller size, which created extra jpg files to alter timing of the video.

Next I used QuickTime Pro to assemble the images into a video at 12fps. The titles and music were added in iMovie. The song is "Loss" by A Certain Ratio. From about 41-48 seconds the camera freaked out due to the lighting, or possibly because of the powerful wall of Lee Friedlander photos. What an amazing show.