Night photography: Deep in the woods, the ruins of a 19th century resort

Yeah I recognize that girl. I took her from rags right through to stitches. Oh baby, tonight we sleep in separate ditches.

Deep in the woods, Deep in the woods, Deep in the woods a funeral is swinging.

- Nick Cave

We drove to a place deep in the woods. We crept in the shadows but no one was around. The extensive stone ruins of a 19th century resort are fenced off, forgotten, and being eaten by trees. Who needs caffeine to stay awake when coyotes are howling all around you? The full moon blazes bright in the open, but the woods are thick and dark. What's that rustling in the undergrowth?

We photograph the buildings and foundations until the moon has arced low in the west. We disappear as night slowly fades back into day. These woods haunt me. I hope that comes through in the photographs.