Boron Air Force Station 360 Night Panorama

The Mojave July? Yes! During last week's full supermoon I spent 2 nights shooting 360 panoramas at the abandoned Boron Air Force Station. Boron AFS was built in the 1952 as part of the Air Defense Command radar network. After being decommissioned in 1975, Boron was used as a Federal prison from 1979-2000. The radome is still operated by the FAA.

Temperatures were 100º in the daytime, and in the 80's at night. The monsoon season brought fantastic clouds both nights. I was shooting with the Canon EOS 6D, and used the built-in GPS feature to record the location of each panorama. Setting the GPS to record positioning at 2 minute intervals seemed to have barely any affect on battery life. A screenshot of the Lightroom maps module for the shoot is below. The GPS coordinates also get picked up by Pano2VR, which will save a lot of time when building a virtual tour.

You clicked the image at the top and looked at the 360 pano already, right?

Update 8/25/14: There are 14 panoramas in the night tour of Boron AFS. I'm still adding panos, and hope to have a tour with 25+ panos and a map when everything is done.

Update 7/8/15: Finally had time to complete the Boron AFS night tour - enjoy!

Boron AFS - Lightroom GPS Coordinates
Boron AFS - Lightroom GPS Coordinates