Valley Junkyard night photography: Piles of steering wheels, old Fords, and a pink Buick in the weeds

Out in the weeds, a bad case of steering wheel overindulgence

I saw this pile of steering columns in the daytime, and returned to shoot the scene under the moonlight. Five shots were layered for 20 minute star trails. Each exposure was 4 minutes at f/8, ISO 200. The 14mm focal length has an interesting effect on the star trails.

Incongruous Ford Mustang in section 34

A Mustang sits with some older Ford cousins along the back wall of the Valley Junkyard. This shot is a single 12 minute exposure at f/11, ISO 200. 16mm focal length. The lighting is a mix of full moonlight and distant industrial lighting.

Pink Century with portholes in pastels 

Who can resist a pink Buick Century sitting in a pile of weeds. Industrial lighting mixes with moonlight to turn the sky various shades of purple and orange, while the moon lights the right side of the frame. Two exposures were layered for 15 minute star trails. Each shot was 7.5 minutes at f/9.5, ISO 200. 14mm focal length.