360 Panorama Portfolio Update

All of the virtual tours on my 360 Panorama page have been updated with a new look. You'll see night photos of car and airplane junkyards, a weird hotel, abandoned buildings, old neon signs, and Nevada's amazing International Car Forest.

If you're viewing the panoramas on a desktop, you'll fly down into the scene. Then hold down your mouse button and take a look around! The arrows or thumbnails will take you to the next panorama. You can also right click and select Little Planet View to transform the look of each pano.

If you're viewing the tours on an iPhone or iPad, hit the gyroscope button and then move your device to explore the pano. Works great with an iPad in an office chair.

Gyroscope for iPhone or Ipad 360s

I hope you enjoy the new, smoother, more responsive 360 panorama viewing experience!