Night Photography & Light Painting Workshops

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In 2008, I co-created a series of junkyard night photography and light painting workshops with Troy Paiva. We taught 2-3 workshops per year from 2008-2015. The workshops were typically 3 days of classroom time and 3 nights of shooting. These events were held at California's finest junkyards including Pearsonville, The Big M, Paul's Junkyard, Eagle Field, and the Valley Junkyard. I've also taught night photography workshops in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Death Valley.

The primary focus of the workshops was to provide lots of shooting time. Hands-on instruction was available on everything from camera settings to lighting techniques. Classroom sessions were a mix of technical and artistic discussions, post-processing demos, and critiques. Many photographers found that reviewing each other's work was one of the most stimulating parts of the workshop experience.


"I have studied under Joe at several photography workshops over the past 3 years. The knowledge he shares with his classes is voluminous and covers a broad range of topics that usually leave me wanting more and more. His ability to convey complex technical topics such as cameras, post-processing techniques, storage and archival strategies and then effortlessly switch gears to the aesthetics and art of photography is simply incredible. He is an inspiration as well as a wonderful instructor and I'm glad to have continuing opportunities to learn from him." - Denver M.

"This was AWESOME. It was so surreal being in a junkyard on 3 full moon nights in a row. The lighting was exceptional, the place out of this world, the people really cool and the hosts funny, knowledgeable, helpful, accomplished and ready, willing and able to share the secrets and skills they have honed over many years of light painting." - Mark S.

"I really enjoyed my time with you guys.... Forget the photography.... you guys could be a Vegas comedy act." - Art N.

"These guys compliment each other perfectly. They are both friendly and approachable, but speak knowledgeably about all aspects of photography: light painting, equipment, composition, film characteristics, post processing, old cars and trucks, etc. Their enthusiasm for the genre of night photography is infectious, and it makes me want to go out and scout for things to photograph after dark. The venue is unbelievable--there is no way to even scratch the surface of the things available to shoot in a year of full moons. If you have even remotely considered taking this workshop, then do not hesitate." - Dave E.