Hello, and welcome to Words

Previously, you may have followed updates to my website or Flickr account through a blog over on Blogger. If so, welcome to the new iteration of my blog - now with more website integration, and a new cleaner look thanks to WordPress. Here's the lowdown on what I plan to cover:

Photography: I'm a fine art night photographer, portrait photographer, and editorial shooter -- so I'll be covering a diverse range of styles, lighting techniques, and shooting situations. I'll also be pointing out other interesting photography on the web, in photography books and magazines, and in real life.

Music: I am passionate about music -- from free jazz to world, music concrète to krautrock -- if it's out there sounding, I'm probably digging it. I took piano lessons as a kid, played guitar in high school, and then played upright bass for 10 years before hanging it up a few years back to concentrate on photography. Since I stopped playing, my passion for music as a listener has remained -- in some ways being only a listener instead of a player/listener has helped me become a much deeper listener. The last band I played in was called Chum Frink. Google it, and maybe you'll find something interesting.

Movies: I don't have cable or care much for TV. I watch an average of 2 movies per week. Mostly foreign, art house, weird, indie, subtitled stuff, but occasionally I subject myself to pop culture. Often I see film through a photographic lens -- for example here's an entry I wrote for The Online Photographer about Steven Soderbergh's film Bubble.

So welcome. Nice to meet you. Pull up a chair.